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Referrals are most often made by school staff, caregivers and community agencies. 

Students who are at risk of becoming chronically absent should be referred to GOALS as soon as an attendance concern is identified.  Most often this means students with
fewer than 20 days missed.  Students who have been referred to the County Attorney or who are involved in the child welfare or juvenile justice system should not be 
referred to GOALS. 

You will first need to register for an account on our system (look to the top right of this page).  Once you have done so, email  thegoalscenter@gmail.com and let us know, we will get your account verified, which will give you access to the online referral system.  Any questions? Contact the thegoalscenter@gmail.com

  • GOALS services are informed by evidence-based best practices. 

  • Services are unique and offered within the school, community and home setting as the entire family is served.

  • Our services focus on the root cause of attendance concerns

  • We collaborate and partner with not only the student, but also the caregivers, family, school, and community resources. 

  • Over 1,000 students have been served since 2011.  70% of those students have seen an improvement in attendance. 

"I felt like I had a representative that was on my side. My Family Advocate gave us great resources and made us feel like we were really cared about." -A mother 

"GOALS really helped my child and I with getting her to school on time and gave us a better understanding of the importance of being to school on time. The program was great." - A parent

"It was easy to communicate with them and find good solutions." - A caregiver 

"My worker made sure I was doing what I was supposed to. That helped." -17 year old 

"It helped me stay in school and get good grades." -11 year old 

"They were there to help me whenever possible." -15 year old 

About Goals Center

Simply put, the purpose of GOALS is to improve school attendance and learning by offering assistance to youth and families in need. This purpose will be accomplished by EARLY ASSESSMENT and PROMPT DELIVERY OF COORDINATED INTERVENTIONS that promote school attendance and eliminate at-risk behaviors.

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