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The GOALS Center was created by and continues to be supported by the 11 public school district superintendents within Douglas and Sarpy counties of Nebraska.  We exist to support students and families with regular school attendance.   Services are focused on prevention, as a unique hybrid model is used that involves the entire family.  Since 2011, over 1,000 students have been served.  

Family Advocate services include:

Wraparound case management
A focus on the entire family unit 
School, Community and Home visits
Assessment of attendance barriers and needs
Development of service plan with individualized goals
Collaboration with family, school and community partners
Connections to community resources, based on family needs 

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Please contact us via phone (531)-299-9851 or email (thegoalscenter@gmail.com)  if you have questions about or services! 

About Goals Center

Simply put, the purpose of GOALS is to improve school attendance and learning by offering assistance to youth and families in need. This purpose will be accomplished by EARLY ASSESSMENT and PROMPT DELIVERY OF COORDINATED INTERVENTIONS that promote school attendance and eliminate at-risk behaviors.

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